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Mario Hofferer - Rendezvous of the Senses

Mario Hofferer - Madness of Perfection

Ocean Club Marbella - Closing 2015 „Black & Gold“

Ocean Club Marbella - Opening 2015

Mario Hofferer - Hinter den Kulissen

IWCC 2014 - Homeproduction of MH Cocktail Entertainment

Mario Hofferer & Custo Club zum Thema Lehre

Mario Hofferer Glass Collections

Magic Life World Tour

IWCC International Wörthersee Cocktail Cup 2013

1st Place Bacardi Legacy

Mario Hofferer´s Gentleman´s Glocktail

Ausschnitt aus "Born to Mix"

Mario Hofferer World Tour

Mario Hofferer Mixing Mood


Summer Residence: Pörtschacher Ostbucht 2019

The Place to be, direkt am Wörthersee: 14. Juni bis 15. Juli 2019, täglich von 12 bis 22 Uhr, Johannaweg

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Cocktail World Champion 2017/2018

Mario Hofferer prevailed against selected national champions from 61 nations and secured the sought after gold for Austria. During the finals, Mario...

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Mario Hofferer, was crowned the “International Bartender of the Year”, by the World Association of Bartenders (I.B.A International Bartenders...

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