Freshness, in season and regional

Our values at a glance

Our mixologists unite the essentials and trends of international metropolises with high-quality raw materials and natural products. Local freshness with goods from regional businesses promise very special catering enjoyment and will surprise your guests with an unimaginable heady combination of delights for the palate. 

Depending on opportunity and availability, we use fresh organic products from our own cultivation in our cocktail creations. While the aroma of Cuban mint floats on the air next to the unusual herbs and spices in our raised beds and fruit and vegetables flourish, our crew is constantly busy carefully processing these products using natural and pure methods.

We avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers, which allows our fruit and vegetables to grow more slowly and makes the aroma and taste a lot more intensive. The organic cultivation is based on natural cycles, making our products more healthy, tastier and fresher than you could ever get out of a jar.


Summer Residence: Pörtschacher Ostbucht 2019

The Place to be, direkt am Wörthersee: 14. Juni bis 15. Juli 2019, täglich von 12 bis 22 Uhr, Johannaweg

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Cocktail World Champion 2017/2018

Mario Hofferer prevailed against selected national champions from 61 nations and secured the sought after gold for Austria. During the finals, Mario...

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Mario Hofferer, was crowned the “International Bartender of the Year”, by the World Association of Bartenders (I.B.A International Bartenders...

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