Environment, Hygiene and Safety

Our values at a glance

We stand for perfect safety and purity. When it comes to hygiene, our HACCP trained team set themselves the highest standards. During preproduction as well as the event on location, we ensure highly professional dealings with the environment, the event location and, naturally, the guest. In line with this, we have a very well-thought-out system of rubbish logistics and waste disposal behind each one of our productions.

One of our big issues is looking after our environment and its resources because, to us, sustainable development means working according to the laws of nature. Regional and seasonal products reduce delivery routes and guarantee the best quality in our shakers. We also avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions prior to, during and after the event.


Cocktail World Champion 2017/2018

Mario Hofferer prevailed against selected national champions from 61 nations and secured the sought after gold for Austria. During the finals, Mario...

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Mario Hofferer, was crowned the “International Bartender of the Year”, by the World Association of Bartenders (I.B.A International Bartenders...

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15 years of MH Cocktail Entertainment at the Kitz Race Club during the Hahnenkamm Race

This year we have dared once again - not to beat the “Streif”, but 3 days and nights to meet the demands of the thousands of VIP guests, athletes and...

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