Liquid Kitchen Lab

by Mario Hofferer

Loving in-house production with a premium-quality label! Our “Liquid Kitchen” in our MH Headquarter is a real paradise for connoisseurs. In addition to 25 in-house syrups and more than 30 varieties of ice cubes, we have numerous refined spirit drinks, dried herbs, cocktails in bottles and casks as well as preserved fruits.

That is how pure passion can create long-lasting enjoyment!

Mario Hofferer, in his “two-chef-hats” roles of trained chef and award-winning restaurant professional, has been incorporating equipment, techniques and ingredients from star restaurants into day-to-day bar work. This entertaining combination of kitchen and bar, lovingly referred to as “Liquid Kitchen Lab” lends MH Catering a very special touch of the extraordinary. 

Visitors to the “Kitchen” (a mobile bar in the form a modern kitchen block) are able to slip into the role of “liquid chef” and are given the opportunity to develop fantastic and creative cocktails. 

Your guests will be given a hands-on introduction to the best-kept secrets of mixology and have their creative sprit inspired by our world-class bartenders. The DNA of the drinks will be steered and influenced by an original and varied display table whereby the focus is on atypical ingredients and fascinating work techniques. The evening will be an experience that will be remembered for a long time and will ensure you and your guests are guaranteed a bar with a difference.


Summer Residence: Pörtschacher Ostbucht 2019

The Place to be, direkt am Wörthersee: 14. Juni bis 15. Juli 2019, täglich von 12 bis 22 Uhr, Johannaweg

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