High Class Bar Catering

Catering is communication, we speak your language!

Your event should reflect your unique personal style and delight everyone, down to the very last guest. Our passionate team understands your ideas and wishes and will implement them by paying attention to every aspect to make it just the way you want it. We don’t leave the details to chance, which means you can rely on us with confidence!

While the “MH Cocktail Entertainment” crew are elegantly getting the shakers into the swing of things, the crystal glasses on the bar counter are getting a touch of aroma with birch bark, the piña colada is blending in the pan and the subtle cigar note of the smoked mojito drifts on the air, relax, sit back and enjoy watching the shock frosting of your “gin-tonic ice sticks” at minus 30°C.

Liquid entertainment for the palate

Those drinks matured for six months in a barrel will please the purist gentlemen at the board, while the modern and elegant women of today can treat themselves to the great pleasure of a mojito from the sous-vide water bath.

Creative premium catering to meet the highest quality demands

“MH Cocktail Entertainment” has the right outfit for your event. Alongside the classic white suit with black bow tie or the black satin vest with gold shoulder slits, our customers can select from a further ten well-thought-out outfits. The ensemble fits perfectly across the shoulder, our barmaids’ lipstick matches the colour of the drinks, the crew’s make-up is appropriate for the time of day and the cocktail menu is made-to-measure for the customer. This does not happen by chance as we only work with carefully selected personnel, who have to complete a three-year college programme at our in-house academy. 

Although our young and creative team can’t read minds, they are excellent lip readers and always manage to strike the perfect balance between trends and tradition. Allow your guests to appreciate our passion and enthusiasm as we provide your event with an incomparable experience with a long-lasting effect.


Summer Residence: Pörtschacher Ostbucht 2019

The Place to be, direkt am Wörthersee: 14. Juni bis 15. Juli 2019, täglich von 12 bis 22 Uhr, Johannaweg

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