Booklet for LVMH Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy by Mario Hofferer

Traditions are known to be broken. That's why top bartender Mario Hofferer, cocktail world champion and molecular cocktail expert, dealt extensively with Hennessy Cognac and reinterpreted the traditional spirit.

Mario Hofferer set out on the trail of cognac during a trip to France, where he was allowed to study, taste and mix with a small group of selected mixologists behind the scenes of the world's largest cognac brand.

This resulted in stunning creations, which perfectly staged the full bodied, warm aromas and the robust character of Hennessy V.S., which along with unconventional ingredients generated elements of surprise. 

Mario Hofferer's "Truffle from the Barrel" combines the powerful aroma of Hennessy V.S with fine truffles and a hint of decadent sweetness. In the "Bartender's Medicine" there are balanced citrus and fruit flavors, which paired with oriental notes surprise and delight.

Each of the drinks created by Mario Hofferer embodies its own story, which is reflected in the respective recipes and matching illustrations by the now well-known Viennese illustration studio HFA. All this is summed up into a cocktail storybook that takes you through a world of exciting adventures within the glass.

Here you will find all the recipes and animations created by Mario Hofferer:



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