Back from the future LVMH Masterclass Tour 2018

The reigning bartender world champion Mario Hofferer and his crew toured Austria in 2018 and visited the hotspots of the national bar scene. In addition to the notorious Viennese Skybar, the Puff Bar, the excellent "Bar Neuf" in Linz, as well as the MH headquarters itself and the 360 ° in Innsbruck, there was a great final performance at just 2000m at the Schleglkopf in Lech. All in all, a fascinating program. 

The latest equipment techniques from the MH Skills Lab - Ultrasonic Prep, Rotovapor, Freezing Plates & co - were used and, together with the LVMH products, were presented to the 400 invited guests.



Summer Residence: Pörtschacher Ostbucht 2019

The Place to be, direkt am Wörthersee: 14. Juni bis 15. Juli 2019, täglich von 12 bis 22 Uhr, Johannaweg

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Cocktail World Champion 2017/2018

Mario Hofferer prevailed against selected national champions from 61 nations and secured the sought after gold for Austria. During the finals, Mario...

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Mario Hofferer, was crowned the “International Bartender of the Year”, by the World Association of Bartenders (I.B.A International Bartenders...

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