IWCC - Champions League der Bartender

IWCC - International Wörthersee Cocktail Cup.

Every year the best of the best come here and crown their champion. As a two-time winner, Mario Hofferer has long since arrived in the Olympus of bartenders. Discover his latest offbeat creations and references!

IWCC International Winter Cocktail Congress

More and more unusual cocktails, numerous cocktail legends from all over the world - the concentrated creativity of the world leaders in the bartender industry is impressively concentrated at the "International Wörthersee Cocktail Cup" in Loipersdorf in Styria. 

Why? After 23 years, two-time cocktail world champion Mario Hofferer is taking over the patronage of the Champions League of bartenders for the first time. The high "Bartender World Champion Density" determines the annual mixology competition circus.

In the course of the Winter Cup, well-known cocktail legends from nations such as the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Estonia, Iceland, Greece and the United Kingdom stayed in the 4* hotel "Das Sonnreich".

IWCC 2020

"Das Sonnreich" in Hotel Loipersdorf

Stylish furnishings, modern ambience, masterful cocktails and breathtaking flair will invigorate your senses at the Sunny Bar in the Hotel "Das Sonnreich". Immerse yourself in the evening with an excellent cocktail and review your experiences.

For this challenge, the bartenders were introduced to the spheres of the mixology scene by Mario Hofferer and his team. The newly created cocktail creations show that the hard training has paid off. The invigorating experience is rounded off by the specially designed glasses by the Cocktail World Champion.

Mario Hofferer, his team and the dedicated commitment of the bartenders not only managed to give the Sunny Bar a new shine, but also to give it a new soul. See for yourself and embark on a journey into the taste-intensive world of cocktails.

IWCC - Homeproduction of Mario Hofferer

The International Winter Cocktail Congress 2018 will definitely go down in the history of this venerable cocktail competition. Almost 300 guests from 25 nations saw a gripping finale in the Hotel Sonnreich in Loipersdorf between Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Italy and Ireland. In the end, after many years, the red-white-red supporters were finally able to celebrate again.
Christopher Maler from Klagenfurt convinced the top-class international jury around Kan Zuo (Design Bar Vienna), Alexander Radlowskyj (President of the Austrian Bartenders Union), Margit Kikas (President of the International Bartender Association IBA) & bar icon Iain Bell from Scotland.
The two organizers Sandra Sivkovits and Mario Hofferer were quite relieved after this result. "It's nice to finally have the title back in Austria after many years," says Hofferer.With the participating 25 nations (55 mixologists in the preliminary round) as well as the 300 international guests, the two organizers at the Hotel Sonnreich Loipersdorf blew all the limits. The guests could look forward to a great IWCC 2019 in Loipersdorf.

Mario Hofferer Master Class in Riga - Lettland

Participants from 39 nations took part in the Mario Hofferer Black Balsam Master Class in Riga. The main topics were sensory training and an interactive highball challenge.

DocLX XJam Türkei & Cyprus

Since 1990, DocLX aka Doc Alexander Knechtsberger has been the absolute number one among Austria's party organizers. No one else does as many events, or has as many party people each year. With more than 250,000 guests per year and his high-quality production XJam, Alexander Knechtsberger has long been known far beyond our borders. For several years, the Mario Hofferer catering team has been responsible for the high gastronomic standards at the XJam events abroad. In addition to quality assurance in the beverage sector, the team also organizes bartender seminars.