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Mario Hofferer franchise hotel bar in the Hotel Sonnreich Loipersdorf

The 34-year-old Mario Hofferer from Klagenfurt is the reigning two-time Cocktail World Champion, International Bartender of the Year 2017/2018 of the International Bartender Association IBA, four-time Austrian State Champion, Bartender of the Year 2012 and Leader of the Year 2011. Since 1999 his name has been an integral part of the international mixology scene.

He is an extraordinarily creative perfectionist who uses high-quality materials and ingredients to create new, innovative drinks that enchant his guests. Every action behind the bar or during production in the MH Skills LAB, one of the most modern cocktail laboratories in Europe, becomes an absolute highlight for the gourmet palate.

Mario Hofferer as "speaker" at the Film maker Events in Puerto Cervo Sardinia

It is considered one of the noblest and most expensive ports in the world. We are talking about Puerto Cervo in Sardinia. When stars from all industries and the top 10,000 from all over the world meet in Puerto Cervo, the Film maker Events are not far away either. Mario Hofferer was invited along with Masterchef Joe Bastianich (known as Head Judge alongside Gordon Ramsey in America's Master Chef TV show) to perform on the main stage in the venerable port of Puerto Cervo and to present the new cocktail trends for 2019.

Falstaff Gala in the Hofburg Vienna

In November 2019, the exclusive gourmet magazine Falstaff created what is probably the largest bar in Austria for one night. Mario Hofferer presented his unique mix creations during a stage performance on the main stage. The reigning vice world champion produced an Ardbeg whiskey infusion with kaffir leaves and flambéed cinnamon sticks with the help of an ultrasonic device. This base was refined with Falernum, ginger drops and Organics Ginger Ale by Red Bull.

Mario Hofferer Master Class at Ritz Carlton

"Wellbeing & Bartenders Lifestyle" - This topic, which is considered a matter of the heart for Mario Hofferer, was presented during an Organics Master Class at the Ritz Carlton. In addition to signature drinks, the Ritz crew also received valuable tips on liver and blood purification. Attention was also drawn to the burnout syndrome in the industry and tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle in the catering industry were passed on to the participants.

FC Bayern Munich Cup championship celebration in Berlin

The football record champions from Munich celebrated their victory. Mario Hofferer and his team were responsible for the exclusive bar & cocktail catering that evening. In cooperation with DO & Co., the almost 1000 guests were treated to an unforgettable evening.

IWCC 2019 - For the first time, the best show bartenders in Europe at the IWCC

The IWCC is known as one of the oldest & most spectacular mixology competitions in Europe and this year has a completely new format and event layout. After 24 years, Mario Hofferer is again producing a winter edition in the Loipersdorf thermal baths region together with the Hotel Sonnreich and the Loipersdorf thermal baths and is expanding the exclusive mixology event with the "IWCC Flairbartending Division".

top 80 mixologists in loipersdorf

Sometimes this competition is considered to be the champions league in the annual mixology competition circus due to the high density of "bartender world champions". The following nations have registered 3 months before the big showdown: France, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Estonia, Venezuela, Russia & Romania. This unique starting field is peppered with the leading national companies (hotels, bars) and participants from the best Austrian gastronomy schools. This year we are again expecting around 100 starters from 20 nations and 300 international guests. After the preliminary round, 55 participants should remain.


Ocean Club Marbella

Saison 2019

For the sixth year in a row, MH Cocktail Entertainment is responsible for the mixology staging at the world-famous parties "White and Silver" and "Black & Gold". Ocean Club Marbella has been playing as an absolute hot spot on the Costa Del Sol for many years. Located in Puerto Banus, the Beach Club receives almost 2,000 international guests at these exclusive, world-famous parties and stages incomparable party moments with its 150 employees.

Hofburg Wien

DO & Co has been one of Mario Hofferer's closest customers for more than 20 years. MH Cocktail Entertainment may already be staging event bars for the catering giant Do & Co at many stations all over the world. For 7 years now, Mario Hofferer and his crew have been using the catering bars for 1600 people at the LKW Water Celebration.

Mario Hofferer Master Class in Split Croatia

The exclusive association of Mediterranean chefs, restaurant professionals and baristas secured the services of Mario Hofferer for the annual meeting and invited the mixologist to Croatia. Visitors and professionals from all over Croatia listened to the MH philosophy of modern bartending.

Moët Hennessy Switzerland Masterclass Tour 2019

Mario Hofferer presented modern bartending and how to deal with body, mind and alcohol during a master class in Zurich. Bartenders from all over Switzerland were invited here by Moët Hennessy Switzerland. After the master class, Mario Hofferer created an innovative black box mixing challenge for the participants.

Red Bull Gast Salzburg

MH Cocktail Entertainment has been Red Bull's signature bar crew for 19 years. The bar catering crew around Mario attend events such as the Formula 1 race in Monte Carlo and the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel, as well as hundreds of assignments at home and abroad. Hofferer has been putting Red Bull in the right limelight at the bar for almost 2 decades. This also happens every year in the Red Bull VIP area at Gast in Salzburg. With specially created signature cocktails, the Cocktail World Champion team enriches the gastronomy scene year after year with innovative mixtures, thereby setting new trends.

Mario Hofferer Cocktail Laboratory at the Bar Convent BCB Berlin

Mario Hofferer presented what is probably the most modern cocktail laboratory in Europe at the Barkonvent Berlin. Visitors to the cocktail laboratory were able to finely refine the 360 vodka with ultrasonic waves and various herbs as well as an unusual range of spices. Repeatdedly, unusual distillates, such as truffle parmesan and daisies, were distilled at room temperature on the basis of 360 Vodka. These unique taste explosions were served by artists floating in the air.

Airpower 2019

Fascination with flying. Around 150,000 guests answered the call of the Austrian Armed Forces in cooperation with Red Bull. Mario Hofferer and his MH Cocktail Entertainment Team treated the 1,100 VIPs to a liquid taste explosion over three days. The fascination of flying. Around 150,000 guests followed the call of the Austrian Armed Forces in cooperation with Red Bull. Mario Hofferer and his MH Cocktail Entertainment Team entertained the 1,100 VIPs for three days with a liquid taste explosion.



Mario Hofferer Master Class in Bucharest

The world's largest syrup producer Monin secured the services of Mario Hofferer for the largest bar convention in Romania. In front of a sold-out room, Mario Hofferer presented the new trends for 2019 as well as modern work techniques from the kitchen and laboratory.

IWCC - Home production of Mario Hofferer

The international Winter Cocktail Congress 2018 will definitely go down in the history of this respectable cocktail competition. Almost 300 guests from 25 nations saw a gripping finale in the Hotel Sonnreich in Loipersdorf between Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Italy and Ireland. In the end, after many years, the red-white-red supporters were finally able to celebrate again.

Christopher Maler from Klagenfurt convinced the top-class international jury around Kan Zuo (Design Bar Vienna), Alexander Radlowskyj (President of the Austrian Bartenders Union), Margit Kikas (President of the International Bartender Association IBA) & bar icon Iain Bell from Scotland.

The two organizers Sandra Sivkovits and Mario Hofferer were quite relieved after this result. "It's nice to finally have this title back in Austria after many years," says Hofferer.

With the participating 25 nations (55 mixologists in the preliminary round) as well as 300 international guests, the two organizers in the Hotel Sonnreich Loipersdorf blew the limits, with this, the guests can look forward to a great IWCC 2019 in Loipersdorf.

Mario Hofferer Master Class in Riga - Latvia

Participants from 39 nations took part in the Mario Hofferer Black Balsam Master Class in Riga. The main topics were sensory training and an interactive highball challenge.

Cocktail Society

On tour with Paris Hilton & Rich Prosecco, Bill Clinton, Janet Jackson, Thomas Gottschalk, Baptiste Giabiconi, Boy George or even Robbie Williams: the cocktail following of the extraordinarily creative perfectionist is not only impressive, but is also growing steadily.

James Bond Shooting (Eduardo Soria)

Just in time for Christmas, the 31-year-old world-class barman presents his fundraising campaign, in which Hofferer and his crew collect money for people in need during their catering.

Photographed by Spanish GQ star photographer Eduardo Soria with a James Bond helicopter and Aston Martin, the cocktail charity promotion has already got off to a good start. This year's final of the donation marathon will take place on New Year's Eve in Loipersdorf.

MH Cocktail Entertainment at leading Schloss Velden Residences

DocLX X Jam Turkey and Cyprus

Since 1990, DocLX aka Doc Alexander Knechtsberger has been the absolute number one among Austria's party organizers. No one else does as many events, and no one else has more party people partying each year. With more than 250,000 guests per year and his high-quality production XJam, Alexander Knechtsberger has long been known far beyond our borders. For several years now, the Mario Hofferer catering team has been responsible for the high gastronomic standards at the XJam events abroad. In addition to quality assurance in the beverage sector, the team also organizes bartender seminars.

„Gentleman's Glocktail“ & „Cantinero's Daiquiri“ / Puerto Rico & Miami

In this shoot, Mario Hofferer and his team dedicated themselves to the cocktail age between 1924 and 1961. From the founding of one of the most respected bartender clubs, the "Club de Cantineros" in Havana, in the early 20s, to the wild parties in Chicago and Paris, from the mid 1940s to the legendary Cuba Missile Crisis, important scenes from this era were captured with great attention to detail.

Ocean Club Marbella - World's most exclusive Beach Club

For one of the most renowned beach clubs in the world, which sets the highest standards for itself and its guests, Mario Hofferer and his team create high-end beverage concepts year after year and implement them in a brilliant way.

A little Liquid Kitchen here, some bar culture there, combined with fresh local delicacies and an unusual presentation, the discerning guests of Ocean Club Marbella appreciate the perfect service of MH Cocktail Entertainment.

"Dazzling Goose" official Lifeball Drink created by Mario Hofferer

Cocktail World Champion Mario Hofferer created an exclusive cocktail called "Dazzling Goose" for Gerry Keszler & his Lifeball, which was presented at various press conferences.

Mario Hofferer mixed together with what is one of the best paid models in the world, Baptiste Giabiconi, for a good cause. Among the sipping cocktail fans were Bill Clinton, Rosanna Davison (top model & daughter of singer Chris de Burgh), Thomas Gottschalk, Karolina Kurkova, Kelly Osbourne and Carmen Electra. For a good cause, Mario Hofferer and his team looked after the well-known "Fabius Bar" in the heart of the Vienna City Hall for many years.

Mario Hofferer World Tour

From Austria to Spain, Germany, France, Thailand, Egypt, USA, Puerto Rico, Turkey, Greece, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Austria again, the restless Klagenfurt enthused countless customers and their guests during the 2013 World Tour.

With his team, he served the most unusual creations, provided further training and quality monitoring for employees in numerous establishments and presented the latest developments in the international bar scene as part of a wide range of master classes.

GHPC Glock Horse Performance Center

The Katrin & Gaston Glock family is known for the highest level of perfection in every respect and can prove this at their exclusive horse shows in Treffen near Villach (Austria). In addition to beautiful, noble horses and top sporting performances, the Glock family does not forget people and animals in need at these great tournaments. Unique sums of money are donated to them over & over.

Of course, Glock's perfectionism is also reflected in the gastronomic support, with noble gourmet caterers and the crew around and with Mario Hofferer for the beverage program. Mario Hofferer exclusively plans these high-end bar concepts and implements them to a high standard. With bar culture from all continents, paired with local products and influences from the Liquid Kitchen, the Mario Hofferer catering always presents the discerning guests of the GHPC with one of the most elegant 5-star bars in the world.

"Born to Mix" Casting TV Show with Mario Hofferer in Italy

Together with Mario Hofferer, the well-known super premium fruit juice manufacturer Pago International & Pago Italy, were looking for the next "Mixology Superstar" in the cocktail mix show "Born to Mix".

The shows, which are based on the well-known TV format "Idols" or "Superstar", cannot be surpassed in terms of excitement, with the participants having to prove their mixing qualities in a wide variety of challenges from round to round, and spontaneous creativity is required here. Over 5000 candidates are cast throughout Italy for months, with only the top 30 making it into the live shows. This successful mixing show is very well received and is broadcast on Saturday evenings in Italy.

Red Bull (International)

Formula 1 TM in Monte Carlo, Red Bull “Red Monday” in Vienna, Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel – Red Bull not only lends wings to its consumers, but also to MH Cocktail Entertainment.

This successful cooperation, which has now proven itself for many years, looks back on countless projects around the world. As a brand ambassador, Mario Hofferer and his team keep creating new and innovative beverage concepts and serve them to suit every occasion, true to the company's motto "invigorating creations for mind and body".

Cremesso Coffee (International)

Sustainability and excellent taste - similarities that make the Swiss coffee producer unbeatable with that certain something together with Mario Hofferer as the company's brand ambassador. Whether press conferences, appearances, exhibition stands or catering, Mario Hofferer and his cocktail team have been commissioned with the planning and implementation of numerous company projects on the national and international market for many years.

Voted Barman of the Year

More than 500 guests from society, business, sport and culture came to the noble "Barman of the Year" gala night to experience a hand-picked selection of the best mixologists live in a heart-stopping finale. In a thrilling final series, Mario Hofferer was ultimately able to assert himself with his innovative taste explosions and secure the coveted title of "Barman of the Year".

Red Bull "Red Monday", Hotel Le Meridien, Viennan

Under the motto "Red Monday", Red Bull invites the best restaurateurs and hoteliers to the most breathtaking locations in Austria several times a year. For this purpose, 5-star hotels such as "Le Meridien Vienna", sky bars, underground car parks or rooftops are being converted and immersed in unique red event backdrops. Mario Hofferer's multi-award-winning team creates innovative beverage concepts with changing focal points for each of these luxurious events.

Hahnenkamm race Kitzbühel / Austria

The winning gene drives the best ski racers in the world all season long: for them, second place is already a loss. There is only one ski resort where this rule does not apply: at the toughest and most fascinating ski race in the world, the famous downhill run on the Streif. In fact, the journey is the goal here. The organizer "Kitzbüheler Ski Club (K.S.C.)" has existed since 1902 and, with over 6,600 members, presents itself as one of the oldest, noblest and most traditional ski clubs in the world. The normal VIP package for Friday to Sunday is USD 35,000 per person. In addition to posh quarters and a seat in the grandstand, this includes entry to the VIP tent, where the Cocktail World Champion Team and Robert Pölzl have been serving fine wines to the International Society for many years as a silent companion for late-night hours.

Formula 1™ Monte Carlo

On the Côte d'Azur, people are used to partying. But when the Formula 1™ circus stops in Monte Carlo, the who's who of society gathers in the beautiful Principality. Nevertheless, Monaco and Formula 1™ have been inextricably linked for decades. Monaco is the showcase for Formula 1™ races, the link to international high society and the focal point of many well-known VIP parties. Together with Robert Pölzl, Mario-Hofferer-Catering served various floors on the famous, floating energy station in the marina.

IWCC Home Production of MH Cocktail Entertainment

As one of the noblest and oldest competitions in Austria, the International Wörthersee Cocktail Cup is one of the events par excellence. Whether national and international mixologists, bar legends or connoisseurs of the scene, when Mario Hofferer calls, everyone picks up the shaker and duels at the highest level to be able to call the coveted cup their own.

With creativity, flexibility and great attention to detail, Mario Hofferer and the cocktail team impress their guests year after year and turn this traditional tournament into an event that is second to none.