High Class Bar Catering

Catering is communication, we speak your language!

High class bar catering at a glance

Your event reflects your own personal style and should inspire everyone down to the last guest. Our passionate employees understand your ideas and wishes and implement them sensitively and individually. We do not leave details to chance, so you can fully rely on us!

While the "MH Cocktail Entertainment" crew elegantly swings their shakers behind the bar, crystal glasses at the counter are flavored with birch bark, the pina colada is sweating in the pan and the subtle cigar scent of the Cigar Smoked Mojito is spreading, you can calmly watch your “Gin Tonic Ice Sticks” being shock frozen at minus 30 degrees.

Liquid entertainment for the palate

The drinks, which have matured in the barrel for six months, delight the puristic gentleman at the board, while the elegant lady of today treats herself to a mojito from the sous-vide water bath with great pleasure.

Creative premium catering according to the highest quality standards

"MH Cocktail Entertainment" wears the right outfit for your event. In addition to the classic white suit with a black bow tie or the black satin gilets with golden shoulder slits, our customers can choose from ten other well thought-out outfits. The combinations sit on the shoulders, the lipstick of our barmaids is coordinated with the color of the drinks, the make-up of the crew is adapted to the time of day and the cocktail menu is tailored to the customer. This is no coincidence, as we only work with carefully selected staff who have to complete a three-year college program at our in-house academy.

Our young and creative team may not be clairvoyant, but they anticipate your every wish and constantly find the perfect balance between trends and tradition. Let your guests feel our passion and enthusiasm, because we give your event an incomparable touch with a lasting effect.